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You need consulting?

With almost 10 years of experience and as a registered consultant for KfW Bank and the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, I can help you with your project.

The consulting


In addition to general consulting (for example: marketing, financing, investor search), business process analysis is one of the most interesting consulting services. If you have started a business, if you are growing and the revenue and profit are increasing, then the question is, how can I maintain this status. Also, if you get an imbalance with your business, sales collapse, debts rise and customers stay away, then the question is: “Why is one company doing better than the other?”

An answer to this can be delivered by business process optimization. With UML/BPMN I analyze all the processes that exist in your company. I interview the management, the staff, look at all their records. Then I will give you an overview of the processes. We will find errors or potential for improvement on time. So I can guarantee you an improvement or a stabilization.

I explain below how the consultation process is and how you can book my services.


The facts speak for themselves:

  • Almost 10 years of proven professional experience in the area of consulting
  • 8 years Consultant for the KfW Bank Germany (German state-owned development bank – Credit Institute for Reconstruction)
  • 3 years Consultant for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Export Germany.
  • Over 70 consulting projects successfully completed in i.a Germany, Austria & Saudi Arabia
  • Author and co-worker of two books on how to start a business (Title:: “Gut vorbereitet in die berufliche Selbständigkeit” und “Gut vorbereitet in die Hightech-Branche”).
  • Certified project manager (according to IPMA Level D)

The contact

Contact me and explain your challenge. This can be done by e-mail, social media (Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Threema) or you can just call me.

The offer

After an extensive conversation, I will make you a non-binding offer. Once the offer has been accepted, the contract has been signed and the terms of payment have been clarified, we can start working.

The work

Depending on the problem we work out the problem together or I give you more options for solving the problem. Together we decide which path is the best for you.

The conclusion

Once the project has been completed, you will receive all necessary documents. Of course, I will still offer support after the completion of the project and also I am still available for questions.
My consulting areas

I consult you on various matters. Be it the financing, the search for investors, the marketing, your staff or the analysis of your business processes. Together we can make the impossible possible.


For each recommendation, get either 100 Euro cash or a voucher for my services.


Do you want to earn a lot of money with high quality or make a lot of money with low prices? The goal is the same but the path is fundamentally different. How do I determine the right price? How do I build up reserves for bad times? How do I invest properly? Together we will develop a plan and strategy so that you can really only take care of your core business.

Business Process Analysis

If a company grows or already has several branches, this can lead to losing the overview. Then despite control and monitoring, errors can happen or revenue even can decrease. Through my analysis of your business processes I recognize optimization potential. I will show you which processes you need to rearrange or even remove completely. Transparent and very descriptive in detail you have the complete overview of every change.

Marketing (u.a. Instagram)

I will create a marketing strategy for you. Should it be offline or online marketing? How do you combine both instruments successfully? How do I combine flyers with my instagram marketing? How can I get more followers on Instagram through a newspaper announcement? Together we work out the best strategy for your business.

Searching for investors

Do you have a business idea? A company that needs cash? You need investors? With my international network, I allow you to get new investors. Interest-free with fair conditions.