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What does the consulting cost?

What are my prices?

Decide which package is right for you. Together we will find the best way.




  • Initial consultation free!
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Validity 1 year
  • Billing via Timetracking Software
  • Consultation only – No active work

Active participation

You do not only need a consultant, but also someone who creates a concept for you? Who works out your strategy? Who performs a business process analysis? Contact me and together we will find a way.


  • You have the idea?
  • You need a consultant but not just for some days?
  • You need someone with experience?
  • You need someone with contacts?
  • You don’t have money to pay a consultant?

Write me. I join your team and help you to make your project successful.


  • You do not pay me any money / Everything is solved by the shares of your company. We win and lose together.
  • You have professional help right now.
  • Immediately you have a huge network.Write me!

Payment by installments

Do you have financial difficulties? Are you just starting your business? Contact me! Under certain circumstances, even an installment payment (interest-free) is possible.


For each recommendation, get either 100 Euro cash or a voucher for my services. Learn more


Do you have anymore questions? Write to me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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