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Your partner for your

personalized website!

I create your website for you. But not only this. As a consultant with more than 8 years experience it is more than only creating a website. Benefit from my experience.


The facts speak for themselves:

  • Almost 10 years of proven professional experience in the area of consulting
  • 8 years Consultant for the KfW Bank Germany (German state-owned development bank – Credit Institute for Reconstruction)
  • 3 years Consultant for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Export Germany.
  • Over 70 consulting projects successfully completed in i.a Germany, Austria & Saudi Arabia
  • Author and co-worker of two books on how to start a business (Title: “Gut vorbereitet in die berufliche Selbständigkeit” und “Gut vorbereitet in die Hightech-Branche”).
  • Certified project manager (according to IPMA Level D)

The contact

You need a website? A shop system? Together we will find out which system is best for you. After an intensive conversation, you will receive a written offer from me, which we will go through together, so that all points are clear to you.

Your benefits:
• Everything is explained step by step.
• Transparent project planning to keep you updated.
• Clear cost structure with no hidden or subsequent costs


The work

As I build your website, I am in constant contact with you. It's like a sparring. We go through your and my ideas together. How many categories should we use? Do the pictures match the design? Are the texts appealing? How big should be which headline. The website is always finished piece by piece. If you like the part, then it continues.

Your benefits:
• We go through your and my ideas together. No suprises.
• The website is always devekoped piece by piece, so you can add you ideas anytime.
• Clear cost structure with no hidden or subsequent costs


The offer

After all the formalities have been completed, we can start. Together, we are looking for a suitable design for you. Normally you will get 2-3 different designs. In a detailed conversation I explain the advantages of all designs.

Your benefits:
• No standard design. I adapt it to your wishes.
• You have the choice. I will not persuade you into accepting a standardized concept.
• The website represents you and your idea.


The end

If the last section of the website is approved, your website will be handed over to you. It is now your property. You get from me now all passwords and access data. If you require further support, you can optionally book a maintenance contract with me.

Your benefits:
• The website is your property
• You have complete access to your page.
• We offer maintenance contracts so you can focus on your business.

My consulting areas

I create different types of websites. Starting with a simple blog to a multilingual complex shop system.


For each recommendation, get either 100 Euro cash or a voucher for my services.


What is a blog?

A blog is in the way a usually public-viewable diary or journal in chronological arranged order. It can be a private blog or a company blog, in which companies share their findings with the Internet.

What is the goal of a blog?

This can be varied, but a blogger uses his time and concentration to write posts, posts, and texts that contain information that interests and, in part, encourages discussion.

Who needs a blog?

  • Companies that want to inform customers outside of their corporate website
  • Individuals who want a “diary”.

Corporate Webseite

What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is different from a blog in that it provides information about the company to the public.

What is the goal of a corporate website?

In most cases corporate values and corporate governance standards are presented on a corporate website. The company founders, the supervisory board and other supervisory bodies are presented as well as information for the press or for job candidates. A corporate website can be expanded as desired.

Who needs a corporate website?

  • Every business should have a corporate website. Especially in this day and age, it is important to have transparency in the market.
  • Of course, a corporate website can also be combined with the shop, the practice etc. if it is suitable.


What is a shop system?

In a shop system, you can sell your products / services on the Internet.

What is the goal of a shop system?

You have a local shop and now you want to sell on the internet? You just want to sell your products / services on the internet? Increase your sales and reduce your effort! We build for you a complete shop system based on WordPress / Woocommerce.

The shop systems also include a merchandise management system, so you can control your inventory at any time. You want a merchandise management system, which also takes over the inventory in your local store and on the Internet? Again, we have the best solution for you.

Who needs a shop system?

  • Anyone offering goods or services on the Internet.

Search Engine optimization

The goal of search engine optimization is to be found as well as possible in the organic (natural) results of the search engines. Not to be confused and completely independent of this is the ad area of ​​the search engine. Depending on the search engine, this is located above or next to the organic search hits. Everything related to the paid ad area is called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) search engine advertising.

Search engine selection:
Google, the top dog, with over 90% share in Germany, then with a small share: Yahoo and Bing. Alternatives that also protect privacy: Ixquick and DuckDuckgo. So if in Germany is talked about search engines, one usually means Google.

Why SEO?
To search for products or services, your customers enter specific search terms (keywords) in the search engine and then receive their corresponding search result. Statistics show that interested parties only look at the hits of the first page (s), the back search hits are classified as irrelevant and are therefore invisible.
In short: You need SEO to be found in the search engine and above all to achieve a good ranking in the search engine, preferably on the first page. A good placement will give you a lot more prospects for your website. A good placement is a crucial competitive advantage.

Local SEO – the local search
You focus on your region or have a local business, then we help you to find them better in the regional and local search.