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Recommend me …

and get commission!

Recommend me and get 100 euros.

Recommend me and you have the choice between a cash payment and a voucher for my services.

Recommend me and receive a voucher worth 10% of the total amount paid by the person you recommended. Regardless of whether the customer books a consulting service, a website or a training course. You always receive 10% of the total value.


  • Customer completes a website worth 2000 Euro. After paying the full amount you will receive a voucher worth 200 Euro (10% of 2000 Euro).

You can redeem this voucher for my services. A cash payment and transfer is not possible.


  • You have a voucher worth 200 euros. You now also need a website. This costs 1000 euros. The voucher will be deducted from the value. At the end you pay only 800 euros instead of 1000 euros.

You will receive a cash payment for

  • 100 euros for each customer who needs a shop page
  • 50 euros for each client who needs a website / blog

You will receive the payment when the customer has transferred the full amount to me.

The transfer will be made to an account of your choice. If there are fees, because it is a foreign account, you have to pay the fees.

Yes, I want to earn commission!