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Saba Bauelemente

Your floor expert in Ellhofen. Saba Bauelemente has many years of experience in the field of laminate and vinyl.


  • Sales of laminate
  • Sales of vinyl
  • 4 Month

The customer Saba-Bauelemente looks back on many years of experience in the sale of laminate and vinyl. For him the next step was a new webshop. The processes should be automated more so that he has more time for the core business and is not too much involved in customer communication / requests. In addition, it should be easy for customers to buy laminate or vinyl over the Internet.


  • m² calculation
  • Automated packet calculation
  • Search engine optimization
Some advantages of the online shop:

  • Better and faster communication with the customer
  • Automated order processing
  • More personalization options for the customer
  • Less ambiguity regarding the products
  • Easier to find products
  • No time and place restrictions for the purchase of the products
  • More payment options for the customer (PayPal, instant transfer, etc.)
  • Automatic calculation of m² and parcels