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KTE – Die Hartmannsdorfer

We are a small high-performance family business from Hartmannsdorf, on the outskirts of Leipzig. For the purchase of residual precious metals such as dental gold, platinum, palladium, jewelry, silverware and cutlery made of solid silver, our employees are the ideal contact for you.


  • Purchase of residual precious metals such as dental gold, silverware and solid silver cutlery
  • 1 month

The customer KTE wanted to relocate his business in addition to the local business on the Internet. Therefore, the customer came to me to create a website.


  • Optimal presentation of services
  • Detailed explanation of the services
  • Ordering online
Some advantages of the Website:

  • Better and faster communication with the customer
  • Less confusion about the services
  • Easier findability of services
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  • No time and place limit for ordering your order